Who’s behind Australia’s original Pop-Up Wedding Company?
These two crazy love birds- Josh Withers and his Wife, Britt.

Together. They have been married for 840 days and have a cat named Stevie, after Stevie Nicks. They are based on the sunny Gold Coast, but have offices in Brisbane and Sydney. They drink too much coffee and read too many magazines! They travel around marrying people, well, Josh does the marrying and Britt organises Josh!

Separately. Josh worked in Media for 10 years, before making the jump into what he does now. He loves all things nerdy and still thinks it’s ok to wear runners with jeans.
Britt has a Visual Merchandising background and spent some time living in New York City. She has a passion for anything cinnamon and is constantly making Josh change his shoes.

They have a passion, not only for weddings, but for marriage. They are huge fans, and believe you should be able to have your cake and eat it too! They formed Pop-Up Weddings out of a desire to see people have their dream elopement, not matter what that looks like!