What is a pop up wedding?

What is a pop up wedding?

A pop-up wedding is a fancy elopement on one day, that you share with other couples.

It is not a mass wedding, and no-one else is getting married at the same time or place as you.

We organise the best celebrant, photographer, venue, stylist, and florist to host an awesome hour long elopement with a handful of your closest present for your marriage ceremony and then you’ve got a quick photo shoot. Before the hour is over you’re on the way to your celebrations, wherever you plan to party, be it at home, or at a restaurant, or elsewhere!

We take care of:

  1. Celebrant and all legal paperwork
  2. Photography
  3. Venue
  4. Styling
  5. Bouquet

1. Ceremony

With a fun- non old-non boring celebrant, we help you through all of your legals and create an elopement styled ceremony for you. The possible are endless- you can exchange personal vows, or have our team prepare some for you. Dad/brother/groom can walk you down the aisle, or heck, you can walk yourself. We prepare a beautiful styled venue, with chairs for your guests and styling that will make your eyes happy. The rest, is totally up to you!

2. Photos

Lets face it, next to the vows and promises you make to each other, the photos are the most important part of the day. The photographers that we work with are in the business of capturing the emotion of the day. Gone are the days of “1,2,3 cheeeeese”, instead after the ceremony our photographer will whisk you away to get your wedding day photos. If you’ve got guests and you’d like some photos with them too. All the photos you see on our Facebook, Instagram and website are from days that we have created.

3. Styling and Flowers

Our focus will always be on personal vows and epic photography- we do like to have something pretty to look at. Each event we leave absolutely everything up to our amazing team of stylists and florists- we are always blown away with what they create!