The minute Sarah phoned us, we knew that we would fall in love with this couple. On May 3rd, Sarah strolled down the aisle, arms linked with her mama’s, walking towards the man she loves. They both teared up as they exchanged their vows, and each wiped the other’s tears away- the perfect way to begin a marriage! Sarah and Rick are something special, and we’re sure you’ll feel that from their photos! Here’s a some words on their experiences with The Pop-Up Wedding Co.

How much of your wedding had you planned before you decided to elope?  What drew you to the Pop-Up Wedding Co.

We had been engaged for about 18 months and in that time life had thrown us a few tragic curve balls. Rick and I had booked and cancelled a venue or two. I’d tried on puffy wedding gowns and gone to wedding expo’s, but it just.wasn’t.happening. My new hubby and I are both from ginormous families so it caused many a bride-y panic attack; who do we invite? Who doesn’t make the cut? Should we marry privately then have a big casual reception? Exhausting! Then something shifted and I just thought, this should be fun?!? We had talked about just going down to the court house but I knew I wanted some romance! A Google search presented The Pop-Up Co, I liked what I saw and literally paid our deposit there and then!

How did your friends and family react to your elopement idea?

We knew that eloping may rock a few boats, but we really didn’t want it to put a damper on our occasion. You hope that if people really cared for you that they will respect your decision and be happy for you regardless. We invited immediate family and a few close friends. We had to bite the bullet for our own sake, looking back it was well worth it. We sent out nice announcement cards with a photo in the post afterwards so that everyone would still feel thought of.

What details did you have to organise?

This is the best bit…… aisle song and outfits! Ta da!! Britt and her team do the rest (I kid you not!) Obviously we booked accommodation as we were travelling interstate and I also looked into a hair and makeup lady. We reserved a couple of tables at a bar/restaurant and a friend of ours made our cake, it all worked out so well.

What mattered to you most when it came to celebrating your marriage?

We wanted an intimate day in the countryside without all the cliche wedding traditions. It was ‘us’ to a tee from start to finish. Seriously, we look at our photos and cannot believe it. It’s like having your very own wedding coordinator, the weight is taken from your shoulders and you can actually *gasp* enjoy the experience!! These guys know what they’re doing! Every email, text message, concern, question and query was answered quickly and with a genuinely happy attitude!!

What advice would you give to any couple thinking about having a Pop-Up Wedding?

It really boils down to what you want. We pictured a simple yet stylish fall wedding so booked the Canberra Pop-Up because it suited our personalities. If you can get past the fact that you wont be inviting every Tom Dick and Harry then it’s seriously the way to go, I wish we could do it all over again!

Photography- Silque Photography and Design | Celebrant- Bianca Way | Blooms- Moxom and Whitney | Styling- Style My Aisle | Venue- Poachers Pantry

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