Registry style wedding ceremony

Paperwork only marriage ceremony


The paperwork only option is for those that want to officially become husband and wife, sign the required paperwork and say the required words, but outside of the context of a ceremony or a wedding. On the actual day it can take a few minutes, so you can be back to work after your morning tea break or get married while you’re waiting for your coffee order.

This is similar in style to your courthouse wedding, or registry of births, deaths, and marriages marriage ceremony, but we perform them with the smile your common government official can’t provide in a sweet location.



Step 1. One month's notice

To be married in Australia, you must be 18 or over, not already married, not related or in a prohibited relationship, be consenting and willing to marriage, of different genders, and give one month’s notice

The one month notice is given with a “Notice of Intended Marriage” form – the NOIM


Step 2. Before the signing

Four things we need to verify:

  1. your identity
  2. your place and date of birth
  3. evidence of any prior marriages ending
  4. that both parties understand what marriage is, and they are consenting and willing to enter one with the other person

Step 3. The signing

One month or more after we have received the NOIM we’ll meet with you and your partner, and up to two witnesses to perform the registry style, paperwork or legals only, marriage ceremony.

If all of your ID and paperwork is in order before the day, you’ll only be with us for about two minutes for the paperwork ceremony


  • marriage celebrant, all Australian marriage legals, one minute paperwork-only legal marriage ceremony
  • two witnesses are required, they can be guests of yours, or we can bring witnesses
  • no more than two others joining you


  • marriage celebrant, all Australian marriage legals, one minute legal marriage ceremony
  • up to two witnesses, or we can supply witnesses
  • no more than two others joining you
  • one photographer, with one hour of photography
  • online photo gallery with all images edited, colour corrected and supplied as high resolution printable JPEG files
  • minimum of sixty images

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