Registry style wedding ceremony

Paperwork only marriage ceremony

There is a difference between celebrating your marriage and officiating it. This service is for those that want to officially become husband and wife, sign the required paperwork and say the required words, but outside of the context of a ceremony or a wedding.

The complete and total fee includes receiving (lodging) your notice of intention to marry and solemnisation of your marriage on the chosen day in a location agreed upon, usually the celebrant’s office or a cafe.

We have authorised marriage celebrants across Australia performing registry style marriage ceremonies. Similar in style to your courthouse wedding, or registry of births, deaths, and marriages marriage ceremony, but we perform them with a smile in pleasant locations.



1. One month's notice

To be married in Australia, the people being married must be 18 or over, not already married, not related or in a prohibited relationship, be consenting and willing, be of different genders, and give one month’s notice to their celebrant.

The one month notice is by way of a form called the “Notice of Intended Marriage“, otherwise known as the NOIM.

Once their celebrant has received their NOIM, the one month period begins.


2. Before the signing

The five things our celebrant needs to verify before your marriage are:

  1. identity, via a passport or driver’s license
  2. place and date of birth, via a passport or birth certificate
  3. evidence of prior marriages ending
  4. that both parties are consenting and willing
  5. sign a declaration of “no legal impediment to marriage” which is a declaration of all of these requirements

3. The signing

One month or more after our celebrant has received the NOIM they can meet with you and your partner, and two witnesses to perform the registry style, paperwork or legals only, marriage ceremony.

The ceremony takes less than 15 minutes including all the paperwork and you have the opportunity to exchange personal vows as well as the legally required ones if you like.

Two to four people are welcome at the signing to witness the ceremony, although only two are required.


Includes all ‘notice of intended marriage’ (NOIM) paperwork

Fill out, witness, receive your NOIM

Witness ID

Sign the ‘declaration of no legal impediment to marry’

Includes two 15 minute meetings required to complete NOIM and then your marriage paperwork

Complete marriage paperwork after one month after receiving your NOIM

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