Lauren and Hayden // Married May 25th 2015 at the Kidogo Arthouse, Fremantle //

Lauren’s first email to us started our saying, “Love the Pop Up Wedding philosophy! We’ve been wondering what to do for ages and like most people feel a bit worried about what everyone else wants.”  We chatted for a bit, and they instantly booked their Pop-Up Wedding. Nothing sweeter than when a couple feels a pull in their heart towards what we create- it’s the best!





1. How much of your wedding had you planned before you decided to elope?

We had decided we wanted a small wedding but we still wanted it to be really special and for the day to be a reflection of our relationship.


2. What made you decide to elope, and what drew you to the Pop-Up idea?

We wanted something more personal that the registry office but didn’t want the day to become more about the wedding than the marriage!  It became obvious early on that there wasn’t anything that met all of our needs…but then…we heard about Britt and Josh and the Pop-Up Wedding! They had a date already organised at Kidogo Arthouse in Fremantle.  We knew by looking through their previous Pop-Up weddings that their style and the creative people they bring together would be everything we were imagining and all without the fuss of organising anything!


3. How did your friends and family react to your elopement idea?

Eloping without our family and closest friends didn’t feel right either, they are an important part of who we are and how we met, but the Pop-Up wedding meant that we could keep our group small enough and keep the feeling relaxed and intimate.


4. What details did you have to organise?

We booked our spot within 5 minutes of seeing there was a date available and that was it! With a few simple emails to Britt everything was done for us! It meant we could relax through the whole process and we never once had to worry about what flowers were in season, when the photographer was arriving or hiring and setting up anything for the ceremony.  We knew it would be amazing and we weren’t disappointed!

5. What mattered to you most when it came to celebrating your marriage?

Finally being able to say husband and wife – nothing changes but everything changes. During the weeks before the wedding it was so nice to be able to reflect on our love and our relationship without having the stresses of the wedding day.


6. What was the best part of having a Pop-Up Wedding?

Not having to worry about the details! We simply wanted to remember the day because we were so excited to get married. We wouldn’t have changed a thing!


7. What advice would you give to any couple thinking about having a Pop-Up Wedding?

Absolutely go for it! There are zero hassles and organising everything with Britt is always so positive.  They have great suggestions too and provide everything you need to know and do, to be able to turn up and get hitched!!

Photography by IZO Photography // ceremony by Josh Withers // Blooms by Poppy and Willow Blooms / LOVE letters by Love Letters