How much of your wedding had you planned before you decided to elope?
Zippo.  Having been together for 11 years and engaged for five of those, the notion of planning a wedding in the traditional sense always seemed like to much hassle.  We knew very early on in our relationship that we would spend our lives together and marriage was something we discussed often, it was just the idea of planning wedding that held us back.
What made you decide to elope, and what drew you to the PopUp idea rather than a traditional elopement?
We are reserved and quite bashful people. Having a wedding with all the bells and whistles in front of loads of people was not our style.  We would have happily remained perpetually engaged but the desire to be connected by matrimony was always foremost in our minds.  We explored the idea of getting married at a registry but it just seemed so impersonal.  It was by pure chance and word of mouth that we heard about the Popup idea and it set wheels in motion.  What more could we want, a beautifully styled venue, minimal guests – or none if we preferred, a non-stuffy celebrant and a professional photographer to capture the special moments and it was all coordinated for us! We could have our cake and eat it too!
How did your family and friends react to your elopement idea?
Our respective families knew we didn’t want to much fanfare when it came to getting married and they had all but resigned to the idea that we would remain engaged for life. They were extremely excited and happy to hear we were finally taking the plunge. The Popup idea was new to them as well but when we explained how simple it was going to be to have our wedding, they were all surprised and commented on how fantastic an idea it was.
What details did you organise?
We had very little to organise for our wedding.  That’s the beauty about Popup, it’s all coordinated for you.  Apart from some mandatory registration forms we had to fill out in advance to ensure the marriage was legit, if we wanted we could simply show up on the day in shorts, shirts and thongs knowing we would be legally married soon after. But truth be told we only needed to arrange our intimate guest list & invites, our wedding attire along with hair & makeup, our wedding dinner and our honeymoon of course! 
What mattered most to you when it came to the wedding?
Standing together hand in hand, sharing our vows and being connected in the moment, just the two of us. The rest was a bonus!
What was the best part of having a PopUp Wedding?
All of it! The popup team were amazing, the popup wedding was beautiful & fuss free and we were able to really enjoy the lead up without becoming a bride or groom-zilla and losing sight of what we were about to experience.




Planner: The Pop-Up Wedding Co. | Photography: Finch & Oak Venue: Summergrove Estate |Celebrant: Joshua Withers | Stylist: Signs of Wear