There is nothing like a well planned surprise and Annika and Justin’s stunning elopement was no different. Originally from Wales, Annika and Justin decided to have their wedding celebrations in WA, something that would reflect them as a couple and their story. The location was a complete surprise for everyone, including Justin and Annika as we coordinated everything with the bus driver loading the couple and their closest 20 friends and family, including those from Wales, and delivering them to the most perfect destination.

“We always do things our way, and it always turns out perfect in the end. We never make plans until the last minute, we like surprises. We don’t want stress, fuss or satin seat sashes! We’re focused on the romance, just like it should be.” 

















“….Finally Britt and Josh. You guys changed our lives. If you hadn’t chosen us we honestly think we’d still be trying to figure out a way of getting married that suited us and involved our closest people. You guys brought everything together and created something that we could only have dreamed of. You allowed us an opportunity to have all of Annika’s closest friends and family come here at the same time and really bond with my friends and family. Relationships were formed and new bonds created that we know will last a lifetime. Without a push in the right direction from you we could have chosen a different path that might not have resulted in the same intimate connections being made. You’ll never know what that means to us and how special it has been.”





“After everything you guys have done for us, we arrived home on Saturday from our honeyBroome to find your card and the polaroids. It really was such a lovely touch and showed just how much you understand the occasion and what it means to newlyweds.
We really can’t thank you all enough but please understand how much appreciation we have for all of your hard work and know that you have given this couple something that we will treasure as long as we live.
YOU GUYS ARE SUPERSTARS!”- Justin and Annika 

BIG LOVE TO: Celebrant: Josh Withers // Photography: IZO Photography // Blooms: Poppy and Willow Blooms // Video: Wilde Visual // Hair and makeup: The Pretty Parlour  || We are nothing without the team we work with!