Friends: The Rembrandts’ “I’ll Be There for You” is easily one of the most popular television theme songs of all time. This song introduced us to our favourite group every week for 10 seasons, and we are kinda crushing on the acoustic version by Boyce Avenue.


Love Actually- Ten years ago, “Love Actually” opened in theatres. Can you believe it’s been a decade since we first met Juliet, Mark, Jamie, and Billy Mack?! To celebrate, enjoy this classic scene: Peter and Juliet’s wedding!


Scrubs: Who doesn’t love this scene from Scrubs- Ted and his band went old school with ‘8 days a Week’


The Office- “Everyone’s driving me crazy. I know way too much about Andy’s scrotum. And my mom won’t stop freaking out about my dad’s new girlfriend. This is supposed to our wedding day. Why did we invite all these people??”


Everybody Loves Raymond: This quirky couple gets our vote for the best first dance in a TV wedding. Amy and Robert’s comical rendition of Elvis Pressley’s “A Little Less Conversation” had us in stitches. Up until that point, their wedding had been a total disaster and their guests looked disengaged. Robert and Amy finally let their true personalities shine through when they stepped on the dance floor—fans loved every minute of it.


Full House: “The King” impersonator and his Wake Up San Francisco sweetheart almost didn’t make it to the altar in 1991. Jesse decided he should do one last irrational thing before settling down, so naturally, he chose skydiving. His last “adventure” didn’t go as planned—he wound up getting stuck in a tree and was arrested. Becky borrowed the choir’s school bus to bring Jesse back to the church while Joey and Danny stalled by holding a sing-along with the guests. Miraculously, they arrive in one piece, and the groom serenades his bride with a beautiful rendition of ‘Forever’ by the Beach Boys.


How I Met Your Mother: Perhaps the perfect entrance song?