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elope /ɪˈləʊp/, verb

eloped, eloping, elopement

  1. to run away secretly for the purpose of getting married with one’s intended spouse; to marry in a quick or private fashion, especially without a public period of engagement.
  2. to run off secretly to be married, usually without the consent or knowledge of one’s parents.
  3. to run away with a lover.
Mountaintop Elopement

What is an elopement?

We believe in the power and the beauty of marriage and we believe that your marriage is a union to be celebrated, and celebrated in the most intimate and personal fashion.

We see the difference between a wedding and an elopement being the emphasis on the celebration of a marriage over the hosting of a wedding.

The Elopement Collective exists to help lovers run away and elope in a beautiful, meaningful, and intimate way. We value the location, the vows, and capturing the memory so that’s the service we provide.

An elopement isn’t hiring a venue, furniture, chairs and a floor runner. An elopement is two humans in love, the smallest handful of witnesses, no bridal party, a marriage celebrant, and a photographer and possibly even a videographer.

Canberra elopement

Our service

We find the right location, look after your marriage paperwork, create a fun and meaningful marriage ceremony, provide a photographer, and a videographer on request.

Most elopement ceremonies and photo shoots are over in the hour, maybe two, and they generally occur on weekdays or outside of the peak wedding times like Saturday afternoons.

Our celebrants and photographers are the best in the planet, so their best availability is on a weekday, sometimes on weekends, and they are experts at creating elopements.

Our people

Britt is your elopement planner and she leads a team of more than fifty photographers, celebrants, videographers, and florists around the world whose passions lie in celebrating marriage through elopements.

Our locations

We search the globe for epic locations for couples to elope to, when we start planning your elopement we’ll find the right one for you.

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