Byron Bay Pop Up Wedding

Photos from our Byron Bay Pop Up Wedding

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. – Marcel Proust

Here’s a few behind the scene photos from our Byron Bay event on October 15th 2015! We rented out a fun holiday home by the beach in Byron Bay the night before, ate pizza, drank cider and talked about how much we love our jobs. Then we woke up at 6am, purchased huge coffees and got to work. We married 8 amazing couples that day, and while we weren’t doing that- this is what we were doing.

Photography: Morgan Roberts Photography // Venue: Byronview Farm // Celebrant: Josh Withers // Video: Wilde Visual // Blooms: Pack a Perfect Party // Styling: Byron Bay Weddings // Caravan: Gathering Events // Neon Sign: Love Illuminated 

Byron Pop-Up Crew-13 17383

Byron Pop-Up Crew-15 17385

Byron Pop-Up Crew-21 17396

Byron Pop-Up Crew-27 24023

Byron Pop-Up Crew-34 17407

Byron Pop-Up Crew-35 17408

Byron Pop-Up Crew-47 17427

Byron Pop-Up Crew-48 17428

Byron Pop-Up Crew-65 17447

Byron Pop-Up Crew-78 17456

Byron Pop-Up Crew-83 24048

Byron Pop-Up Crew-90 17466

Byron Pop-Up Crew-93 17469

Byron Pop-Up Crew-116 18762

Byron Pop-Up Crew-128 19492

Byron Pop-Up Crew-131 19882

Byron Pop-Up Crew-142 19891

Byron Pop-Up Crew-160 19922

Byron Pop-Up Crew-136 19890

Byron Pop-Up Crew-162 19931