We were lucky enough to sit down with 2/3 of photography powerhouse Heart and Colour // enjoy!


AGE almost 27/
LIVES WITH hubby Phil & daughter Sharli
DRINKS fresh juice or hot chocolate (with extra froth!!)
LIFE INVOLVES being a wife, mum and photographer at HEART AND COLOUR alongside Hubby Phil & Tammie.


AGE – 26
LIVES WITH my wife Bek and daughter Sharlie
DRINKS coffee or scotch – depending on the time of day
LIFE INVOLVES photography, a day a week as a barista, and attempting to make time between these for family and friends


Would always:

B- eat ice cream. with chips. have you ever tried that? maccas fries dipped in soft serve. mmmmmmmmmm (just me?)
P-  SKI!!!!

Would never:

B- go bungee jumping. just don’t have it in me.
P- have a pet mouse

Picky about:

B- doing too much in a week.
P- coffee

Not so picky about:

P- pasta – I’ll take that stuff anyway it comes

I feel for:

B- our childhood cat Gemmy – I used to put her in my dollhouse and shut the door 🙁
P- kids with bad parents

No sympathy for:

B- my childhood cat Gemmy. cos you never knew if she was going to attack your legs when you walked past!
P- when the bull gets the rodeo clown

Glad it’s ahead of me:

B- life
P- holiday in New Zealand next year

Glad it’s behind me:

B- high school
P- working for a twit

Early for:

B- the morning
P- dinner

Late for:

B- never really late.
P- bedtime

Would pay good money for:

B- a holiday
P- a good concert

Wouldn’t take even if free:

B- I’m stumped with this one
P- tickets for Chris Brown

Fear conquered:

B: giving birth
P: sky diving

Not quite there yet:

B: 30 years of age
P: roller coasters

Farthest Vacation:

B/P: America


B/P: Mt Warning

Would try:

B- more like SHOULD try to make more time for the things that matter. and the people that matter.
P- heli-skiiing

No thanks:

B- yes please
P-bungee jumping

Career highlights:

B- shooting in Chicago
P- first time published

Career low point:

B- trying to be super woman and getting burrrrrnt
P- not knowing the family dynamics at a wedding and putting someone next to someone who was definitely the wrong person

Lie about

B- my age. haha. not really. i turn 27 THIS MONTH!
P- my FIFA obsession – I’m working on it

Honest about:

B- my age
P- hopefully everything else

Too much in my life:

B- Facebook and instagram. theres gotta be more to life than scrolling

Not enough

B- days in the week!
P- snow

Subject I won’t shut-up about:

B- ha. Sharli
P- The bible

Subject I won’t avoid

B- failures
P- it’s probably less that I avoid subjects, and more that I’ll just avoid who I have them with

Will always remember

B- the first time i felt Sharli kicking in my belly.
P- the day our baby girl was born

Would rather forget:

B- that time I cut my own fringe
P- looking at the placenta

Better than expected:

B- marriage
P- XXXX pale ale

Worse than I expected:

B: L.A. i think we had too high expectations of that place…
P: grilled eel

Perfect day begins with:

B- cuddles in bed with my humans
P- morning play time with Sharlie

And ends with:

B- cuddles in bed with my main human
P- watching anything David Attenborough with Bek

As I’m sure you can tell, we love Bek and Phil and are obsessed with all things Heart and Colour!

Heart and Colour are shooting with The Pop-Up Wedding Co. at Byron Bay’s Byronview farm next year, go to popupwed.co/byronbay for info

Big love to Sam Blake for these pics!